Friday, February 3, 2012

How to setup multiple home pages in Firefox

First off, go to Tools, and then Options from the top menu. Click on the Main or General tab.


So if I wanted to have and both set as startup home pages, I would type in the following:|
So your screen should look like this with the multiple URLs in the Home Page box:

And that’s it! Now when you open a new instance of Firefox, both of the tabs will appear! Sweet! Now there’s also an easier method of doing the same thing and that is to Use Bookmark.
Basically, if you have a folder of bookmarks in Firefox and you want to set all of them as your startup home pages, just click the Use Bookmark button and select the entire folder.

Whichever bookmarks you have stored in that folder will automatically be placed into the Home Page text box separated by the pipe symbol. So you can use either method to get multiple start pages in Firefox!


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