Thursday, September 22, 2011

How To Fix Internet Explorer Web Browser

It’s pretty weird, but sometimes Internet Explorer web browser will only work for Https URLs.  It may be that your anti virus software expired or you downloaded a file that caused some havoc with your computer.

Try these steps to get your Internet Explorer fixed so you can see both Http and Https URLs.

1.  Make sure your internet connection is up and running.  It’s a good double check before the other steps.

2.  At the top of your web browser, click on TOOLS.  Pick INTERNET OPTIONS at the bottom of the TOOLS drop down menu.

3.  Click on the CONNECTIONS tab

4.  Click on the LAN SETTINGS button at the bottom.

5. Under PROXY SERVER, un-check the box that says USE A PROXY SERVER.

6.  Click OK

You should be able to see both http and https URLs with your Internet Explorer web browser now.

Wait are you waiting for?  Start surfing!

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