Friday, November 4, 2011

How to Fix Google Chrome Crash Problem, an easy way

Google Chrome is obviously a popular browser but its one limitation keep you far away to continue using it. Sometimes it crashes at its startup or even during browsing. You are noticed with "Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed. Restart now?".

When this crash happen repeatedly you then decided to skip Google Chrome using further and switch to another one. This is not a solution yet. I find out a solution and its so easy and fast. So grasp the way to fix this issues.
First of all, Go to your Desktop Google Chrome Icon and right click then go to Properties. Google Chrome Properties windows will open.

Click on the Shorcut tab. Here you will find Target field. We basically fix the problem editing the Target field. Add a space after the end of the Target field text and then write –no-sandbox. The whole texts look like the below image.

  • Click on the Apply and OK button. Now Try Google Chrome to use if this method does not work i.e crashes report happen again then you have to edit more.
  • Add a space then write –new-http at the end of -no-sandbox. Then the whole texts look like the below image. 
Click on the Apply and then OK button.

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