Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to view javascript errors in firefox

Almost every web browser has some sort of error detection mechanism. And not only error detection, these web browsers can also show you the errors, which helps in rectifying them. As web browsers are the compilers and interpreter of web programming language such as javascript, html or css, any sort of error in using markups or functions must be detected before putting a website live.  And it is efficiently done by almost every web browser.
Firefox has an inbuilt Javascript error detection mechanism. It not only detects Javascript errors but also XML or CSS or other web language errors. It also allows you to view those errors in real time. You don’t need any sort of configuration in order to view those errors, as told earlier that the functionality is inbuilt, you can view those errors directly from within the firefox console.

Here are 2 methods to view javascript errors in firefox error console
  1. Open firefox –> From “Tools” menu –> Select “Error Console”
  2. Alternatively you can also press "Ctr + Shift + J" key combination


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