Wednesday, January 25, 2012

fix internet explorer error 102

Fixing your computer manually takes more time and effort than doing it the automatic way. Here are some actions you can follow for you to be able to fix Error 102 manually and probably other computer errors as well:

  • Try to remove your Internet Explorer as this may be the primary reason for the runtime errors you have been experiencing. The browser may crash if this problem would not be solved as soon as possible. Do not make it too long before uninstalling this browser because this may cause more complication in your system. Do not just delete but uninstall. Simple deleting of programs may damage your registry as well so it is best to always uninstall unwanted programs and not just delete it. To uninstall internet explorer, open your computer’s Control Panel. Use the Add or Remove Programs feature of your PC to uninstall unwanted applications such as this. After uninstalling, you can now reinstall the browser or better yet try to change to another browser so you can avoid this error to reoccur in your computer.
  • As said earlier, Error 102 is caused by malicious files. Trojan and malware are examples of those that can cause Runtime Errors. These malicious files damage your computer’s registry. Prevent damaging your registry by protecting your PC from harmful files like these. You can protect your PC by installing anti-virus, anti-spyware programs. Make sure to regularly update your protection because viruses are always updated. Once your pc has been infected, your registry would be damaged. Removing these virus and malware do not fix the error since these programs are only protection. They cannot repair your registry. This step is a prevention rather than cure.

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