Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to fix runonce2.aspx error in IE7

There’s one other method you can try out if the first method did not work and the second one was too scary and that is to edit the local security policy on your computer.

    Click Start > Run and type in the text box:
    Click OK.
    Using the left hand side pane, navigate as shown below:
    User Configuration
    > Administrative Templates
    > Windows Components
    > Internet Explorer
    In the right hand side pane double-click on Prevent performance of First Run Customize settings
    Moding the setting for Prevent performance of First Run Customize settings to Enabled and change the value in the drop-down box to Go directly to home page
    Click OK and close Group Policy
    Restart Internet Explorer 7

Hopefully one of these three methods will fix your runonce error and get IE7 loading directory to your home page! If you have a question, post a comment!

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