Friday, December 16, 2011

How to Fix the Safari Privacy Leak by Disabling Autofill

If you're using Safari right now, you could be open to a malicious attack via your autofill feature, which is enabled by default.[1] The autofill feature on the Safari could be letting a malicious site find out your personal details, such as your full name, where you work and live down to the city and state or province, and your email address. It's a problem disclosed recently (July 21, 2010), so if you're one of the 83 million users of versions 4 and 5 of Safari, you need to act now

1.Open your Safari browser. If you have versions 4 or 5, proceed to disable your autofill. (You can check the version by clicking on "Safari" in the browser bar, letting the menu drop down, then clicking on "About Safari". A box will pop up showing you your current version.)

2.Staying with the Safari drop-down menu, go to "Preferences".

3.Click on the image that says "Autofill". The autofill box will open out in your browser.

 4.Uncheck the autofill box. In the autofill box, uncheck the box marked "Using info from my Address Book card".

        Prior to unchecking, still enabled.

    This is how it should look after unchecking the first line.
5.Click the close button (small red circle upper left hand corner) and you're done. If you want, check to see that it worked by opening the autofill box one more time. The unchecked box should remain that way.


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