Monday, December 19, 2011

How To Auto Translate Text In Google Chrome

It is common to come across the Web pages published in unfamiliar languages while surfing the World Wide Web. For example, if you are searching for a Chinese company, the chances are high that its Web site will be totally in the local language.

ShareIn such a situation, you need a translator that can change the site content into a familiar language so that you can easily understand what it says. Moreover, if you tend to frequently come across such pages, it can really make your research quite irritating or meaningless.
I am sure that until now, you must have used the Google translator page or the translator of MS Word to interpret the Web site content into a known language.
However, both these ways will seem to be time consuming if I reveal to you a quicker and simpler method to decipher text while surfing the Internet? Well, this is the method of auto translating the text in the browser itself. If you have Google Chrome, you will surely love to have the Auto-Translate extension so that you can decipher the text in a known language in just a second. So, are you excited to use this extension? Well then, kindly continue reading!

Setting The Auto-Translate Extension In Chrome

First, you will have to visit and add the free Auto-Translate extension by clicking the Add to Chrome button. This will open the Confirm Installation dialog box on which you need to click the Install button.

Once the installation is over, an extension management message window becomes visible. Now, you can specify the default languages, shortcuts, and extra settings by accessing the extension options via the Chrome Extensions Page through the URL, chrome://extensions.

 On opening the Options Page, you will see three default configuration tabs each associated with a default keyboard shortcut. Now, by using these tabs, you need to set the shortcuts for different translations.

  In order to add more configurations, click the add profile link and you can easily set your own keyboard shortcut for a different translation.


Whenever you make changes in a tab and save them, you will notice that a small message box gets superimposed over the tab content. To get back to the configuration tab, simply click the box. For deleting a configuration tab, just click x present at the right of the tab name. You are now ready to use this extension.


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