Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to Access Google Accounts with Multiple Sign-in Feature

If you have multiple accounts in Google, you might want to access all of them at the same time. You can easily do this with Google’s Multiple Sign-in feature. With this, you can quickly access all your Google accounts without using multiple browsers or special addons.

As Google is considered the biggest search engine nowadays, its services permeate most of our online lives. For instance, one may have a personal Gmail account, a specialized one for business purposes, and another one to be used for public forums and comments. Before, you can access all your Google accounts by using multiple browsers or through special extensions in order to sign in to multiple accounts at the same time. But Google has introduced a feature that enables you to link all of your accounts so that you can access them easily in the same browser.

When you access any Google service like Gmail, you will see your Gmail address on the top right corner.  In order to add multiple accounts, you need to edit your Google account.

Go to google.com/accounts and sign in with your main Google account. Just make sure that you use your primary account, as this will stay as the main one when you access Google services.

Click Edit beside Multiple sign-in under the Personal Settings section.

Select the “On – Use Multiple Google Accounts in the same browser.” Then, check each box to show you understand the limitations and features of Multiple Sign-in. When you’re done, click Save.

After that, you will see a confirmation on top of the page.  Click the Back link to go back to your Accounts settings page.

Click the down arrow beside your gmail address and you’ll see the Switch account. Click it.

Now, you’ll see the “Sign in to another account…” Click it to add another account.

 Sign in with the other Google account that you wish to add in the login box.

After signing in with your second account, you now have the option to switch either of the two. When you click the down arrow beside your email address and click Switch account, you will see the two accounts.

Your first and main account will be listed as default. To switch to another account, simply click the email address that you want to go to.

To add another Google account, just click the Sign in to another account link again.

On the other hand, if you want to remove extra account/s that you have just added, turn off the Multiple sign-in feature. You can do that by logging in to your Google Accounts page as before and click Edit beside Multiple sign-in.

Click “Off – Use one Google Account at a time.” and click Save.

After saving the changes, you will only have access to your main Google account. Also take note that this will fully remove the data about your second account from the first account. However, if you want to add another account again, repeat the steps mentioned above.

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