Friday, December 9, 2011

How to Get Enhanced IE Tab Integration in Firefox

Once you have installed the extension and restarted Firefox, the only noticeable UI difference that you will see is the small Firefox Icon in the lower right corner. This is what you will see if you hover your mouse over the icon…

This is the “Right Click Menu” for the icon. Notice that you can open the current webpage in an “External Application” as well as switching rendering engines or accessing the settings. The default “External Application” is Internet Explorer but can be set to a different browser if you desire (nice!).

You can access the options either through the “Add-ons Manager Window” or by using the “Right Click Menu” for the “Status Bar Icon”.
In the “Sites Filter Tab Area” you can modify or create rules for webpages…green dots signify a feature being active (for their respective columns).

This is the “Right Click Menu” for the “Site Filter List”…

In the “General Settings Tab Area” you can choose the features that are activated for the interface, actions to be taken when switching rendering engines, and if you would like to have Adblock Plus active in your IE Tabs.

Select the menu items that you would like to display in Firefox’s context menus in the “Context Menu Tab Area”.

Make any desired modifications for the external browser used in the “External Application Tab Area”.

 Want to make certain that you have all of your favorite settings saved for a fresh install or to transfer to a portable version of Firefox? You can do so easily using the “Import/Export…” function

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