Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How To Create Customized Bookmarks for Firefox

1.Find a site
First, find a site with a search engine that will display what you searched in the address bar. Here's one: http://sang.trap17.com/. See the search box on the right? I will be making a bookmark for that site (which is mine) today. 
2.Get its search URL
    Once you have your site, try searching for something using the site's search engine. I chose the word \"joke\" for mine. The search URL is http://sang.trap17.com/index.php?s=%s   
     Notice that I replaced \"joke\" with %s.

3.Go to the Bookmarks Manager
  Now that you have the site, do the following:
   In Firefox, go to Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks
4.In the Bookmarks Manager, click on \"New Bookmark...\"
 5.For the name, enter something descriptive about the page you chose. I chose, \"The Daily Ramblings\"

6.For Location, enter the search URL.

7.For Keyword, enter something that you will easily remember. To search Google, the keyword is \"google\". Dictionary.com is \"dict\". Urbandictionary.com is \"slang\". Create something memorable. I chose \"sang\" for mine.

 8.Description is optional

 9.Click on OK, and exit out of the Bookmarks Manager

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